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The Whimsyboo Story

A HAPPY Hello, to all who read this...

I am a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) of 3, who searched high and low during my last pregnancy for soft burp cloths! I had plenty of burp cloths from my older two children and some were soft because they were so old and others weren't going to work this time around because I needed something new and really soft for this last little addition to our family...

In my journey, I came across the BEST product ever~ Organic Bamboo Velour! And what do you know - I got addicted and purchased a lot more than burp cloths! I felt that this material was AMAZING and enjoyed in it so much that I not only bought all the items I could for my son, but also started making purchases for my "expecting" friends and sister-in-law so that their babies could be spoiled with the fabric too! I was even half tempted to purchase items for my sister who doesn't even have any children yet- this is how excited I was...! Not only does it have NATURAL benefits; It’s BEAUTIFUL, SOOTHINGLY SOFT, and ECO-FRIENDLY!

In a moment of peacefulness (3 hr drive), alone ... and on my way back from a baby shower where I had gifted Organic Bamboo Velour items, something entered my heart and told me that I needed to start making these products and I need to follow the example put in front of me.. Through my church I have been able to form "Sew Loved" sew group and we meet once a month to create a variety of baby items for those in need! We donate locally and abroad! I have a special organization that is close to my heart if anyone feels the calling to participate in my mission: You can make a monetary donation to, which is a Christian relief and development organization that is currently helping orphaned babies in Vietnam...Please visit their website. Every person has a purpose on this planet and I believe I have found mine...creating hand made items for babies everywhere--for those that are fortunate to receive them from their parents, or loved ones....and for those who will receive them through a loving donation.

Every item is sewn with LOVE and each item serves as HOPE for a brighter tomorrow for our little ones...please be ECO-CONSCIOUS as every effort to develop this company was made with the environment in mind:

  • Organic Bamboo Velour Fabric
  • Organic cotton logo and care labels
  • Hang tags made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink
  • Manilla twine for hang tags
  • Printed ribbon made of eco-friendly grosgrain (100% recycled plastic bottles)
  • 100% recycled tissue paper
  • Recycled logo stickers
  • Compostable cellophane that wraps the gift bundles
  • Recycled Gift Enclosure


So... my PASSION started with the fabric that I fell in LOVE with and my MISSION became to make products that I BELIEVE in! I truly believe that every baby deserves the COMFORT and to be SPOILED with Organic Bamboo Velour! For those of you who are interested in providing or enjoying a soothing, luxurious, and eco-friendly product~ you have come to the right place! Your precious little one will be BAMBOO-BLESSED!

A Sincere Thank You~ Jenny

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